African Hunter TV - A Monster Croc and Greater Kudu

The TV show host and hunting safari agent Aaron Neilson asked us to join him in the Limpopo province, South Africa to film his first Lion hunt in South Africa. The result was that Old Days Safaris, his host asked In The Zone Media to produce 2 hunting videos and a personalised promotional video from the footage captured on this hunt.

African Hunter TV - Lion Hunting with Aaron Neilson

Aaron Neilsons 15th and most exciting Lion hunt ever.

Old Days Safaris - Promotional Video

As part of our outfitters media package we developed x2 hunting shows and a personalized promotional video for Old Days Safaris.

Buffalo Hunting in Tanzania - with Aaron Neilson

As a result of great work with Aaron in the Limpopo he asked us to produce the video of his first Vision Quest hunts in Africa. Aaron takes a massive Dagga bull and shows us how perseverance often pays off.


Kiliombero North Safaris in Tanzania

Kilombero North Safaris in Tanzania and Aaron Neilson asked us to develop a personalized promotional video for Kiliombero North Safaris in more of a hunting video style rather than a Log and Safari style promo.


African Hunter TV - The Beast and The Bow

We meed up with one of our hunting guests from the UK and take on one of the most difficult forms of hunting in the Eastern Cape. This is walk and stalk bow hunting at its be

African Hunter TV - Kalahari Chaos

Hunting with some of our guests from Australia. Chris and Jack wood take some amazing trophies on walk and stalk hunting amongst the camel thorn trees, red sand and golden grass of the Kalahari.

African Hunter TV - Bushbuck and Duiker fun!

Final I get a chance to step out from behind the camera and hunt some of my favorite species in the Eastern Cape. I get so close, 25 yards from my favorite buck and end up with quit a surprise.


African Hunter TV - The Grey Ghost

Hunting the iconic Kudu and Spring Buck in the Eastern Cape of South Africa


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